Attorney. Patricia A. Barbalunga
Arbitration / Mediation
The Pleasant Alternative to Court.

Allow my unique personality, background and broad range of experience to assist you in resolving your disputes.  Consider a litigation alternative that is economical, user-friendly and convenient.  Because of my extensive litigation experience and knowledge of the law and the court system, I am able to provide mediation clients with a perspective that they may not have considered, thereby making compromise more attractive.  I also have an experience-based ability to analyze cases for strengths and weaknesses from a liability standpoint and to assess value to injuries.

Fees Schedule:

Arbitrations: $400.00 per party which covers any part of the first two hours of arbitration.

Mediations: $450.00 per party which covers any part of the first three hours of mediation. 

Fees are due on or before the date of the arbitration/mediation and may be paid by Attorney’s check made payable to Patricia A. Barbalunga.

If the arbitration/mediation lasts longer than the two or three hours paid for, an additional charge of $100.00 per party for each subsequent hour will be billed.

If a location is selected outside the four western counties, the fee will be increased by an additional $100.00 per party.